5 things to do when you are outnumbered by your kids

One of the fears my husband and I faced was that we were going to be out numbered. With two kids it's "easy", you have man on man coverage, with … [More]

Erin Carrasco

So I peed on a stick…

Aaaand it's positive. For the third time in my life.  Holy crap. I wish I could just post that and have that be enough of a post to show you … [More]


I became a mom for the second time again, one year ago today.

So what a year it's been.  This past year has been such a blessing and such a mess all at the same time. While I was prepared more to handle a … [More]

new baby


Back To Work

Why I chose to go back to work after having kids.

When you have children, no one tells you how hard it is to go back to work. It's a mixed bag of emotions for many … [Read More...]

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Creepy fake babies

Creepy fake babies

I clicked on this link by accident (I was looking for images of babies and this came up).  I then thought it was a link … [Read More...]

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Yes that’s poo on my clothes…but my son is still cute.

It's funny how those things used to gross me out. I mean don't get me wrong, I don't stand up and announce that I have poo on my clothes to celebrate it and jump for joy, but I also don't freak out that there is human feces on my clothes. When did that change? When you take the spit, puke, poo … [Read More...]

It’s beginning to look at lot like Winter.

It’s beginning to look at lot like Winter.

Thoughts of Christmas entered my mind this morning at around 4:32 A.M. as I looked out my front window to see the lawns and streets covered in a thick layer of fresh snow!  Now for all of you who do not know where Winnipeg is, you can appreciate that it's nickname across Canada is … [Read More...]


Social Networking for your baby?

With social networks dominating our lives (especially in the last few years) it's no wonder that there has now become a place for babies to be friends with other babies! Check out the latest craze called TotSpot!   What is TotSpot? According to their website, Totspot is: "...a place for … [Read More...]

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